Are you in the midst of change?

Feeling stuck or blocked in your life?
Dealing with a chronic or new health problem?
Looking for meaning or purpose?
Having a mid-life crisis?
Going through separation or divorce?
Lost a loved one?
Changing or enhancing your career?
Having a baby, or trying to?

My specialty is helping people
through change and transition.

I support you to move past old patterns into greater…


I offer three kinds of therapy:

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy
Continuum Movement and BodyMind Movement Integration (BMMI)
Prenatal and Birth Therapy

I also offer:

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Practitioner Trainings
BMMI and Continuum Movement classes
Classes, workshops, webinars & individual mentoring and supervision for personal & professional growth (in person or by Skype)

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“Cherionna showed me mind and body connections that gave me deep relief and revitalization. She is very loving, and gifted at focusing on areas that most require releasing and nurturing.”

Thomas Connoyer, Musician

“I was a skeptic who originally needed help to adapt my body to horseback riding. However, Cherionna helped me access energies previously locked up and unknown, and brought about a new awareness of my body with its power and mysterious link with the mind. Cherionna has been always respectful, sensitive, caring and attuned.

Dr. John Christensen, Psychiatrist

"During the sessions I become very peaceful, still, and calm, and often enter a very deep state. I feel much freer, lighter, happier, and more grounded. In general, life seems a lot easier. My body works better, old injury sites are less painful, my vision has improved, and I feel reconnected to myself."

Julie Irwin, Biodynamic
Craniosacral Therapy Client

Therapies for Birthing Your Life: How they can benefit you
Craniosacral Training: Earn your certificate: Introductory Seminars ~ Trainings

For information or an appointment with Cherionna call:
Phone: in UK - 07801 515865
Mailing address:
Cherionna Menzam~Sills
Totnes, Devon TQ9 5EY